Betsy up bowBetsy Goy studied cello with Roman Dukson (Portland/Oregon Symphony), Lowell Creitz (Pro Arte String Quartet), and Dmitri Markevitch (L’Institut des Hautes Etudes Musicales, Geneva, Switzerland). She is grateful to the Beaverton School District of halcyon days, when music and orchestra were important formative parts of her regular school curriculum.

She has played with symphony orchestras and chamber groups across the country and enjoyed eclectic recording opportunities with Patti Larkin, the New England Women’s Symphony, the original Bagels Forever radio jingle, and a glorious but microscopic period of airtime on MTV’s Head Banger’s Ball as a dead ghost cellist.

Although she routinely confuses liver for kidney, she is somehow allowed to practice in a medical setting, where she works as a clinical psychologist.