Adrienne and FredAdrienne Welsh studied music at Trinity College of Music, London, taking lessons in cello performance, music theory, ensemble playing and orchestra from Derek Avis, Nicholas Roth, Lettice Stewart and Bernard Keefe. She played cello professionally in London and the Southeast of England until she moved to the United States 1986.

She then embarked on a career in Information Technology while continuing to play cello with numerous chamber ensembles and orchestras, including Colorado Mahlerfest, Boulder Philharmonic, Evergreen Chamber Orchestra, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Veritas Quartet and Trio Intime.

In addition to performing and teaching cello and double bass Adrienne has a technology consulting practice specializing in low cost / no cost software and online resources for musicians, including websites, music notation software and audio/video editing tools. She is Amedei’s webmaster, booking agent and tireless cat-herder.

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